Telescoop, your content provider

Telescoop is a content provider, specializing in electronic publications. We assemble  content and deliver the finished and enhanced product towards the European content publishing market.

Throughout the years, we accomplished to set up an exclusive and broad working relationship with renown professionals and companies in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany and UK, in order to provide country- and language specific content.

Since 1992, Telescoop delivers to a wide European customer base a full range of high-quality, personalized, up-to-date content in the requested formats (such as XML, teletext and others) and time intervals.

Our customers are market-leading telecom providers, publishing houses, newspaper editors, radio and TV broadcasting companies and internet service providers.

Out of our year long experience, we decided to deliver a proof reading service to our users, so that they can feel comfortable with an error-free publication.

If you wish to distribute your own content troughout our channels or through our partners, please click the "contact" button in order to inform us.